The Short Cruise

Arising from friendships formed in 2 prior bands, The Muddy Rudders have come together over a shared passion for great rock n' roll!

A true band of brothers, the group consists of :

Mikey Rudder - Our Captain and rhythm guitar, Mike has navigated the waters of Stony Creek for decades, regaling the tourists with the storied history of the Thimble Islands. With great vocals, and acoustic back-up, he's the Skipper for our 3 hour Magical Mystery tour!

Stevie Rudder -  As Administrative lead guitar, Steve brings a variety of musical disciplines (and, lord knows some of us need discipline!) to our band. An aficionado of many different styles of music, his high standards, and terrific guitar work, consistantly help drive our level of performance to new levels!

Joeyy Rudder -  THE drummer, and the man in charge of our bookings, Joe powers our journey with more than just powerful percussion and personal persuasion! A man who trains, constantly, to upgrade his rhythmic chops, he is, truly, the heartbeat of our show!

Ricky Rudder - The monkey wrench in the works, and occaisional loose cannon on deck, Rick's nut and bolt vocal arrangments.....and sly lyrical twists.... are aimed at keeping the crowd engaged and on-throttle for the duration of the show!

Markus Rudder - The 5th string root of our rhythm section, Mark is the final addition to our ensemble. Providing the low notes, and back up vocals, his Bass work and extensive musical knowledge are an integral key to the Rudders' sound!